About Us


Our firm is registered and trades as Dialogue Consults. In practice, our activities are better explained by the acronym “DICORET” which represents: Dialogue, Consulting, Research, Training and Technology. Asked to present our profile in a minute DICORET would be the true and accurate summary. Established in 2002, we have distinguished ourselves as a true multi-disciplinary company with a footprint in 5 African countries- Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Uganda.

In two word our services can be best described as business development. We leverage our expertise in research, training, industry knowledge to be able to enhance the ability of our different clients to achieve their set strategic objectives.

Who we Are

Born in 2002, as Dialogue consults, the firm remains resolved to be a multidisciplinary concern targeting Management consultancy, business Advisory, Training and Research. Dialogue Consults versatility is complemented by a multi-talented team to boost its competitive posture and guaranteed satisfaction for its varied clientele. Our hallmark is Quality service, Flexibility, Affordability, Integrity, and Timeliness.


Our Vision


“To become East Africa’s number one choice for support in business development, strategy, technology and people.”


Our Mission


“To provide all round management support to our clients enhancing their ability to grow”


Core Values


  • Ethical
  • Dedicated Professionals
  • Committed to customer satisfaction Zealous Learners
  • Esprit Du Corps