Products and Services

Training Modules

Our training modules can be broadly categorized into three categories:


  • The soft skills module which incorporates necessary cross cutting skills including customer service, team building, quality control and the others
  • The functional skills appropriate for persons in select departments for instance sales and distribution, finance, Management explained among others.
  • Customised modules which are unique models developed with our array of clients as per their specific training need. We conscientiously built and customised as per clients specific needs as determined by a needs assessment.

From our modules we are able to design hybrid training packages for instance by combining a team building module and the Ethics module we could have an exciting training probably called “Building an Ethical team”. Such a module would emphasize esprit du corps while reinforcing the need to play within the rules of the game.


The deployment of any technological solution for a business must be done with a firm understanding of the clients unique business. Each business has its own DNA which we take in consideration when modifying, designing a technological solution for our clients. We also offer specialized programmers for organizations. In this we have several partners both firms and individuals. The hallmarks of our software are: simplicity, security, and sustainable.

Currently we have a robust academic and financial management software with high end functionality to seamlessly manage the academic and financial management for schools and specialized institutions.

Our applications, as per the modern dictates, are web based specially designed for the modern schools and other specialized institutions. All financial management records are managed seamlessly and conveniently by multi users support on a Local Area Network and idiot-proof security. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can use it given its easy user friendly graphics interface. These systems also maintain a highly secured database that enables data to be accessed and updated by all the stakeholders in real time and in accordance with the user permissions set before use.

With regards to financial management systems We have just completed development of a robust system for the management of microfinance institutions. This proprietary software provides unique user security, appraisal and complete all round understanding of the customer giving the institution more internal control on the clients.

For each client the system will generate a cash flow, balance sheet, do ratio analysis, and include checks to prevent manipulation of the original data.

We are also in the final stages of completing software for managing collections and expenses for taxi and bus parks.

Off the Shelf Modules


  • Team Building
  • Customer Service
  • Quality & Waste Control
  • Ethics at the workplace
  • The Practice of De-motivation
  • Business & Strategic Planning
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financial Advisory Services
  • Micro Finance Advisory & Credit services

Functional Skills


  • Marketing, Sales and Distribution
  • Financial advisory and management
  • Finance for non-finance managers training
  • Product Development
  • Quality and corporate culture
  • Credit management for microfinance and SME’s
  • The Six Sigma Way (Total Quality Management)
  • Organization development
  • Ethics and Corporate governance
  • Team planning during a strategy games

Supporting all these skills is our research training of trainers to help organizations build internal capacity to handle complex research and glean insights from the body of data they build over time.

Business Advisory Services

From Multinationals, start-ups, SMEs, and Government ministries DICORET has been a proven reliable service provider either to help the company meet new and emergent challenges, to enter new territories and markets, develop new products or to explain market phenomenon that are occasioning a knowledge gap.